There is an $20 shipping fee per package for delivery in Yerushalayim, and a slightly higher charge for delivery outside of Jerusalem.  As for delivery time, we do our best to accommodate your requested delivery date, depending on your recipient’s location.  We deliver holiday arrangements during the week approaching the chag.  For best delivery results, BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR RECIPIENT’S PHONE NUMBER AND EMAIL WHEN ORDERING, so we can coordinate with them a convenient delivery time.  If we have not been able to reach them and they are not home at time of delivery, we will use our judgment about leaving your gift by their door.

It is super-important to us that you and your recipient feel great about your gift! If either of you are not totally satisfied with your order, please contact us immediately! We will gladly offer a replacement or refund. But be rest assured, until now, we’ve never had an issue.

At Good Yom Tov Gifts, we are a strictly kosher establishment! Our products are Badatz certified by agencies including the Aida haChareidis, Rav Rubin, Machzikei HaDa’as, Igud HaRabbanim, and other prominent Kashrus organizations in Israel and Abroad. All of the edible products in our baskets are individually wrapped and are marked with their kosher certification. Where relevant, our products are Pas Yisrael and Cholov Yisrael. If there is one specific hechsher that your recipient requires, please let us know!

Especially these days, we can never be 100% certain that our suppliers will bring us what we’ve ordered. You, though, can be 100% certain that what’s important to us is that you and your recipients will be thrilled with your gift! If we should ever need to substitute an item in your arrangement, it will be of at least equal value, both aesthetically and monetarily.

Yes, please enjoy my interview with Times of Israel:  ‘Business Development Talk with Rebbetzin Leah Glaser’, which can be found at: https://blogs.timesofisrael.com/business-development-talk-with-rebbetzin-leah-glaser/