At GYTG, we are excited by each day, and enjoy igniting that excitement in others. We are also keenly aware that the Jewish People are not yet united as one; many of us painfully missing our loved ones living “overseas” (in Israel or in Chul, depending on one’s perspective). We’ve chosen to make our contribution in connecting our Nation through the gift of gifting. We love connecting with others through giving and we delight in enabling you to do the same!

Good Yom Tov Gifts is a family operation: Our family helping your family, ‘cause we’re all family! Good Yom Tov Gifts operates from “The Shtetlach” an old-world Yerushalmi neighborhood in Nachlaot, Jerusalem, where we both live and run our studio. We are the family of Rabbi Yom Tov Glaser (of The Possible You and Aish HaTorah fame), which probably explains why our arrangements look so inspired! We Glasers believe in following ones dreams and making every day great!

As Torah-observant spiritual artists who resonate with profound beauty, we use this unique channel in our creations. Our gift arrangements move people; Good Yom Tov Gifts leave a lasting impression. And we enjoy very low operating costs, which enable us to offer you gifts of incredible value! Your recipients receive the maximum in high-quality, beauty, usefulness, and deliciousness. It’s what we call a win-win-win-win…situation.

So yes, we care. We care that you feel excited when you give. We care that your recipients are moved by what you’ve given. We care that you get real value for your outlay and that the act of choosing and ordering a gift should be a smooth and pleasant experience. We care about the chagim (Jewish holidays), and about our People connecting to them joyously. We care about using creativity and artfulness as a way of bringing goodness to the World.

We hope you’ll enjoy this custom-built website designed for your shopping pleasure, making your gift buying experience easy and exciting. With a carefully designed collection of gift arrangements for holidays, life-cycle events, every-day gifting, and corporate needs, Good Yom Tov Gifts probably has the answer for your personal and business gifting wishes.
We look forward to helping you send the people you care about gifts that touch their heart and soul. We hope you’ll take advantage of our services, and find amongst our selection “the perfect” arrangement for conveying your blessings to loved ones and colleagues in Israel. And if not, let us know so we can work together to create it!

We welcome your feedback, and lastly, we encourage you to follow your dreams!

Wishing you the gift of a good yom tov,
Leah Glaser